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5D Magnetic Cat Eye UV Gel Nail Polish

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Do you spend hours in beauty salons manicuring your nails for hundreds of dollars? Don’t worry! Get professional looking nails in minutes in your home with this 5D Magnetic Cat Eye Nail Gel. It will give your nails an unmatched professional look that nobody can take their eyes off it.


  1. Faster drying with UV or LED lamp
  2. Long lasting and very shiny
  3. Easy to apply and soak off
  4. No harmful chemical
  5. Suitable for professional use or home use

How to Remove:

Soak nails in a glass bowl filled with a small amount of pure acetone, or wrap each nail in cotton pad soaked with pure acetone for around 5 to 10 minutes. It will start to become soft and you can gently file it away or slide it off using a small wooden stick.

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