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Dog Paw Cleaner - Portable Pet Foot Washer Cup

Shopedian Blue / M Dog Paw Cleaner - Portable Pet Foot Washer Cup

Dog Paw Cleaner - Portable Pet Foot Washer Cup

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Voted number 1 Paw cleaning tool and recommended by dog groomers.

  • Paw pads must be cleaned regularly for 3 main reasons. 
  1. Avoid Future Paw Pad Infections. 
  2. Stopping Your dog from licking their paws all the time which also causes infection and discoloration.
  3. After every walk or outside play, all dirt is accumulated in your dog's paw pads, which causes dried skin and cracked paw-pads.

🐾No more dirty paws, no more mud in the house🐾


🔴This PawPad Cleaner is an amazing, practical, and fast cleaning hack.

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  • Pour a bit of fresh clean water in the hygiene paw cleaner till it's half full.
  • Gently insert your dog's feet in the hygiene paw cleaner.
  • 15 seconds clockwise and anti-clockwise rotations.
  • Quick towel dry 

The best cleaning tool for dogs with grass allergies cracked and dried paw-pads.

The photo below shows how one week of continuous paw-cleaning on a dried cracked paw-pad of a Kelpie healed it completely.


 Size Guide


Size S is suitable for all breeds of cats.

The fibers inside the cleaner will make sure they get all of the dirt out of the pads and off your carpet

Very easy to clean

Merocrine sweat glands function similarly to human sweat glands. These glands are located in your dog's paw pads and activate when he is hot to cool him down, cleaning your dog's pawpads is essential. (source American Kennel Club AKC)