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Electric Fly Trap Device

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The worst part about summer has to be those annoying flies and mosquitoes. The buzzing is unbearable and they are always circling around your head and food when you’re having the most fun. Wouldn't it be great to get rid of all the files without having to spray toxic chemicals everywhere? Meet the Electric Fly Trap Device.

The Fly Trap comes including a special liquid that will attract the flies in your living room, kitchen or bedroom to the device. As the liquid distracts the fly or mosquito it is swept away by a rotating arm into the closed bucket just like you saw in the video. Afterward, you can fill the trap with water to drown the flies and flush them down the toilet or you can set them free outside.

Don't let the flies and mosquitoes get to you and spoil your BBQ, dinner, a peaceful, relaxing moment or night sleep.

The video is real, you can not train flies to act for a video!


  • The high capture efficiency rate
  • No toxic chemicals needed
  • It can be used year in, year out.
  • Liquid fly bait included and can be purchased again when empty
  • Silent
  • No dangerous electric shocks used to kill the flies, safe for children
  • Physical fly trap, safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Easy to use, it works while you eat, sleep or watch TV
  • The USB cable included, connect it to your laptop or phone charger
Electric Fly Trap Device