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Multi-purpose cleaner

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It will replace all the cleaners you have used up to now!

The multifunctional spray cleaner is suitable for cleaning stains on fabrics, wood, tile, glass and plastic surfaces; it also has a disinfectant effect,ideal for cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Just dissolve the tablets in the bottle, spray with the spray and start cleaning!

Convincing features:

  • POLISHING - cleans and preserves the natural look of the wood
  • EFFECTIVE - immediate effect, low foaming and easy to rinse
  • RESPECTS THE ENVIRONMENT - use of biological enzymes to clean stains
  • MULTIPURPOSE - replace all the detergents you use, with a single, multifunctional cleaner.

Advantages and features

  • The Set includes: 10-100 water-soluble tablets, and spray bottle
  • One tablet will be dissolved in 1 to 2 hours
  • A crushed tablet accelerates dissolution
  • Type of tablet: concentrated
  • By using more tablets, cleaning is more effective
  • The amount of the tablets is added as needed
  • Shake the bottle well to evenly mix the solvent
  • Ideal for cleaning your home

Multi-purpose cleaner