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Nano Mister & Moisture Tester

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Stay Hydrated Anytime, Anywhere With Our Nano Mister!

Our Nano Mister is a cute and portable partner for your beauty needs. It serves as a power bank, a facial mist spray, and a skin analyzer in one!


1. Ultrasonic Nano Technology

Ultrasonic technology splits water molecules or the mixture of skincare lotion and water into tiny nano particles to make the effective component penetrate into the depths of skin by atomization process.

2. Can spray Mineral water/Pure milk/Toner


  • Our nano mist spray can be used not only with the mineral water, but also with the toner and pure milk.
  • Notice: Can add hydrosol, aqua tonic or pure milk to mineral water and use it after 1:9 dilution (such as 10% pure milk plus 90% mineral water)

3. All in one solution to skin problems


Nano Facial Mister is all in one solution to many skin problems like oily skin, dehydrated skin, rough and dull skin, acne, blackheads and the list goes on and on. It also helps reducing the fine lines and wrinkles giving you a younger looking skin.

4. Can be used as Power-Bank


  • Can be used as power bank and the LED lamp.
  • USB charging and no need for battery, USB cable is included.
  • It can be charged by your computer, iPad or other personal device.

5. Hydrating but doesn't disturb the makeup


  • Put the face about 4 inches (10 cm )away from the device for daily use, and about 6 inches (15 cm) away from the device after finishing make-up.

6. For Extended Eyelashes


  • The nano mister quickly and effectively cures (hardens) the eyelash extension adhesive while re-hydrating lashes and the eye area as a whole.
  • Mist from at least 12 inches away from face.

How to Use

Facial Mister

  • Firstly, place the container upside down, then unscrew the water container counterclockwise.
  • Secondly, add mineral water or toner or milk(not too full). (Attention: Please dilute according to the ratio of 1:9 with mineral water before use.)
  • Thirdly, whirl to install the water tank by rotating. Slide down the lid and start using.

Skin Tester

  • There are designed metal probes. Press lightly onto skin.
  • The skin condition values will appear on the screen.

  1. Dehydrated Skin ( Red Light, cry face)
  2. Moist Skin(Green Light, smile face)
  3. Please make sure the skin touched the two gold prongs at the bottom of the unit for about 3s to test the status of the skin.



1. Why does my sprayer not produce a mist?

  • Please try to shake it first if there is no steam, then the air pressure can be balanced.
  • It's recommended to use mineral water. Can add hydrosol, aqua tonic or pure milk to mineral water and use it after 1:9 dilution(such as 10% pure milk plus 90% mineral water)
  • Please don't use pure water because it's water molecules are too small and will easily condense into droplets.

2. No Instructions ?

  • The User Manual is under the box, please check it after receiving the package and make sure all items are included.
  • Package includes:
  1. Nano Facial Mister
  2. USB Charging Cable
  3. User manual
  4. Packing box

Tank capacity : 30 ml

Nano Mister & Moisture Tester